Winter Adventure ideas for you and your significant other - Part 2

Last week we had a look at the first several ideas of winter activities for you to do with your partner. This week we will add to the list with 6 more to round out the list before Valentines day! If you can think of any ideas we missed, please send us a message on the contact page or via social media and we will add it!

8. Mountain Top Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride

Ever wanted to see the world from the peak of a mountain? Not all that interested in climbing to the peak yourself or want to have the entire peak to yourself? Then a helicopter ride might be what you’re looking for. Depending on where you go and which company you use, some will drop you off on the peak and pick you up later, while others won’t land but will give you a spectacular view from the air. Talk to whichever company you choose to see what they can do and which packages they offer. They can be quite expensive but can give you views rarely seen.

9. Winter Trail Biking

Biking. In winter. Yes, it’s a thing. Usually the bikes have huge fat tires to not only give them grip in the snow, but also so they don’t sink too deep into the snow. You can rent the bikes if needed. Do some research to see if there are any trails around your area.

Author’s note: For those in the Calgary-area, try the fantastic trails near Bragg Creek in Kananaskis.

10. Frozen Lake Ice Skating

Ice Skating on a Frozen Lake

This one is an easy one to do - there’s not much stress to set it up and can give you an easy, relaxed day. In the height of winter, getting out can be tough, but chances are, if you live in the white north, you have a set of ice skates lying around. So why not take them out, dust them off and get some photos of your special someone looking badass while getting some fresh air out on the nearest lake?

When you’re out there, remember, ice can be thin. Never go out if you think the ice might be too thin to skate on. See if other people have skated on it previously and think about what the weather has been like for the last week. If it’s been above zero then it might not be a good idea to skate on the lake. Always be careful.

11. Ice Fishing

If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key and would rather just savour the experience of being out in the wilderness then a trip ice fishing might be for you. Just like regular fishing, there is a lot of time spent waiting once you have set everything up. It really allows you to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the outdoors.

12. Sledding / Tobogganing

Sledding or Tobogganing

Another extremely easy way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. All you need is a toboggan and a hill. Not only can the experience of flinging yourself down the hill be great fun but it can also make for an interesting photo. Take your camera and try and get shots of your significant other as they head down the hill. Build up some ramps and see if you can photograph them catching air.

13. Snowkiting

This is a different one. Have you ever seen kitesurfing? It is where a surfer uses a large kite as a form of propulsion and snowkiting is basically the same thing, except instead of surfing you are careening over the snow and ice. Snowkiting is certainly gaining in popularity. It’s possible to go both downhill and uphill depending on the direction the wind’s blowing. In untrained hands, the sport can be hazardous so this is another activity where going out with an experienced kiter is definitely advised.

There are a great number of winter outdoor activities and with valentines day coming up, what better time to organise an adventure with your significant other? The biggest thing to take into account is what would you enjoy doing and how you can do it safely. Whatever you choose, be sure to take photos and tag us @secretphotoco on twitter. We would love to see them!