Winter Adventure ideas for you and your significant other - Part 1

Adventures are best enjoyed with a partner, and who better than your significant other? With Valentine's’ Day approaching, here are some fun ideas for the outdoorsy couple to keep each other warm this winter.

1. Winter Camping

Winter Camping

What better way to spend some time with your significant other than in a cozy two-man tent where you have to snuggle up to keep each other warm through the cold nights? Need we say more? I’m also picturing some hot chocolate and s’mores by the fire potentially.

2. Hiking/Snowshoeing

If you have a day, or even just have a few hours, to get out and don’t want to do anything overly strenuous, a leisurely hike or a bit of snowshoeing is a great light exercise. You not only get to experience the stress-relieving fresh air and beauty of nature, you also get to escape for some one-on-one time with your other half. Getting away from distractions and focusing on each other is sure-fire way to reconnect.

Whether you choose to go adventuring on foot or by snowshoe, make sure you check the weather forecast. If your destination is in mountainous country, always check the avalanche warnings for your area.

3. Scrambling/Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

Very much like regular hiking or snowshoeing, mountain climbing gives you the opportunity to spend a few hours with your significant other enjoying their company. However, the added reward with mountain climbing is finally standing on the peak and looking out over the earth below ,enjoying the stunning views with someone you care about.

This adventure is also potentially more dangerous. If you do decide to go, make sure you research the trail conditions beforehand. It’s a lot easier to slip in the winter and the last thing you want to slip down is a mountain. Also, since you are in the mountains, always be extremely cautious about avalanche warnings. Make sure you educate yourself on the topic before you head out.

4. Dog Sledding

This can be a great and novel way to get outside and see the wilderness. There are still outfits out there with teams of dogs that will take you on two or three hour-long trips. It’s something different and allows you to get some very picturesque shots of the teams and the surrounding area.

5. Cross-Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a great way to work out. No doubt you’ll be exhausted when you’re done so go enjoy a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate afterwards. If you don’t have any skis, don’t worry. Consider renting a pair and the outfitter should help you get the right skis as well as making sure you have everything else required. They will likely even be able to help you pick the right trail or give you some advice on the matter at least.

Again, always check the weather forecast before going and take the chance of avalanches into account. You never want to be caught out.

6. Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

If you’ve never tried it, this is probably the most common winter activity. Start at the top of the mountain and head down. It can take some getting used to but it’s a brilliant way to relax and have fun with your significant other. Between runs, head to the pub for some food. If you’re looking for an exciting activity, this might be the easiest option because it can entail speed, skill and usually there are a lot of rental shops in snowy areas.

7. Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

This one I would not do without an experienced ice climber joining. It can be great fun and take you out of your comfort zone but there are chances that the ice won’t hold the weight of slipping and falling if you make a mistake. There are companies that will take you out and if it’s your first time, it is definitely advisable starting with these one of these. Not only will they know if the ice is safe to climb, they should have the experience and knowledge should anything happen.

With Valentines day coming up, hopefully these six ideas are enough to get you started. Check back for the second part of this list. Whatever you do end up doing, make sure you tag us with @secretphotoco or #InTheNameOfAdventure in your instagram photos so we can check out your great photos!