Review - Vyc Waterproof LED Light

Waterproof light used in photography


  • Model: UY-Q7S

  • Lumens: Max 450lms

  • Colour Temp: 3000k or 5500k

  • LED Source: 56pcs LED

  • Waterproof: 2 Meters

  • Output: DC 5V 2.1A

  • Input: DC 5V 2A

  • Battery Life:

    • 1st: 77hrs

    • 2nd: 14hrs

    • 3rd: 8hrs

    • 4th: 32hrs

  • Battery Size: 10400 mAH

  • Charge Time: About 8hrs

  • Usage Temp: 0C - 40C

  • Net Weight: 350g

  • Size: 392mm x 36mm


There have been so many times where I have been out camping or hiking before the sun had risen or long after the sun has set and each time I am thankful for any type of light I have. In these situations head-mounted flash lights and regular flashlights are a must. But, lately I have been testing out the VYC Waterproof LED Light. Immediately the differences to standard gear and some of the possibilities are apparent. Since the device is a tube, instead of giving off a pointed light like a flashlight, it surrounds you in a ring of light so you and those around you can easily see your way. With 450lms it comfortably lights about 20 feet around you.

There are four power settings, and you change them by pressing the power button. The first three power settings are just brightness control with the fourth setting being a constant flashing. Perfect for those impromptu disco sessions. The light has significant battery capacity which means the light is geared to last 8 hours on the highest brightness setting.

Bonus features include a built-in USB port to charge your phone, tablet or action camera, which is really handy. I was able to charge my phone twice as well as the Extral HD 4k camera which I was testing at the same time. I also had enough power to use the light. While you might not be able to run an entire campsite off the battery, it has enough juice to keep your devices charged.

The light is also waterproof so if you are unfortunate enough to be caught in a deluge of rain or slip on some rocks and get your backpack wet, the light will be the least of your worries. Obviously, this only works if the cap over the USB ports is screwed on tightly.

The lamp comes with numerous mounting options. There are two wrist straps, one for each side of the light and when they are both hooked up, the light hangs perfectly to light the tent at night. There is also a metal hook right next to the switch if you need something a little sturdier. AND, there are two magnetic holders that clip onto the light if you need to be able to stick it to a flat metal object.

While this is a great camping lamp, the light has so many uses in photography. There are two versions of this Waterproof LED. The tungsten balanced one for those sunset or indoor shots, and a daylight balanced one for those cloudy and bright sunlight days when you need to get rid of shadows. The waterproof LED is light enough to easily be held in one hand while shooting with the other.

I made full use of the waterproof function when I used the lights in a "trash the dress" session.

This light definitely has a spot in my camping/hiking bag as well as a permanent spot in my photography kit. I may not use it every time I go out, but the peace of mind that it's there and that I can charge my devices if needed, while not taking up a lot of room in my bag, is definitely worth it!