Review - Cinch Camera Wrist Strap

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Living in the city and being so close to the mountains allows me to capture some pretty unique situations. This usually means I have most of my camera gear on hand or within close distance just in case you happen to be driving downtown and the moon lights up the river just right or the sun peaks behind the top of a mountain range. Carrying all my camera gear in a bag and then having to fiddle with various straps and pockets to quickly access my camera can be quite frustrating. The Cinch Camera Wrist Strap solves this problem by allowing me to carry my camera and have it ready to capture that quick moment shot without the hassle of all the straps. It also allows me to bring only my camera for those short walks downtown or on a quick mountainous hike without adding to further neck or back problems from the weight on my camera on a default strap.

Quality and Product Information

The Cinch Camera Wrist Strap (CCW) is handmade from paracord 550 which is rated to hold up to 550lbs and comes in an array of colors. The CCW strap currently comes in six different color combinations allowing you to customize your own signature look and style.

Holding the camera

The CCW strap fits very comfortably around your wrist and due to the sliding design of the strap, it will fit any sized wrist. I use my CCW strap every time I am out taking photos and it is so light weight that I barely even notice it’s there. The locking carabiner attachment allows me to quickly remove the strap or change out the color to fit my ever-changing moods while keeping the strength integrity of the product.

My first concern with this product was to ensure my camera would be protected and that I wouldn’t have the stress of worrying about dropping my camera, so I put it to the test! The carabiner is very strong and holds the weight of my camera and then some, and due to the locking nature of the carabiner, I don’t have to worry about the carabiner coming off if it brushes up against something. The other concern I had with the carabiner was with it scratching the body of my camera but I haven’t seen any negative effects from this.

The paracord provides security and peace of mind as the product is pre-rated to hold up to 550lbs of weight and just to be safe I played tug of war with a friend to ensure the cord would hold up. The final testing was done when I cut one of the cords to ensure, in the off chance, that if the CCW strap were to rub up against a sharp rocky surface that I wouldn’t be sending my camera down the mountain. The braided nature of the CCW strap allowed the strap to maintain it’s strength and support my camera, and more, even when one of the strands was torn.

Things to note

Since the CCW strap is designed to wrap solely around your wrist, I wouldn’t recommend using this product when shooting with a large heavy lens. The weight of the camera might cause discomfort on your wrist. This also means that when using a smaller lens, I wouldn’t let the camera dangle from your wrist and this can also cause discomfort. I personally use the strap as a back up safety when holding my camera in case I accidentally let go.

The CCW strap may not be used in all my photography situations but it is my main means of carrying my camera for most of my adventures!

Sitting on a log with the Cinch Camera Wrist strap